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Safebed - F5 Tornado Protection

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F5 Tornado Protection

Starts @ $5,825.00

  • Certified to withstand EF5 tornadoes (must be bolted to a concrete slab)
  • Tested at National Wind Institute (NWI)
  • Stops all hand gun and shot gun rounds
  • Level IIIA protects up to .44 magnum handgun and shot gun rounds
  • Ease of installation due to bolt-together design
  • Entire unit is coated with exterior grade powder coating
  • Level III protects up to 7.62 NATO (.308 caliber) full metal jacket rounds
  • Provide your loved ones with a safe place to go no matter what the cause
  • Meets FEMA 320/361 and ICC 500
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Get a good night's sleepFamily Enjoying Their Bed
Man hitting snooze...again.
GoldenRest Adjustable Beds, factory direct, delivered and set up in your home, all for a price you are accustomed to paying for a regular mattress set. An adjustable bed from GoldenRest will serve as your private sanctuary where you will spend time reflecting, being with your loved one, reading a good book, or watching TV.

GoldenRest Package

  • Adjustable Bed Base
  • Adjustable Bed Supernal Mattress
  • 1 Year Warranty
Supernal Adjustable Beds

Supernal Plus

starting @ $2,399.00

Supernal Hi-Low

starting @ $3,545.00

Supernal Adjustable Beds Functionality

Other Bed Products

Floor Hugger 2F

Floor Hugger 2F - starting at $3,970.00

The Floor Hugger 2 Function model is head and foot adjustable and comes with an easy to operate remote that will allow you to customize your comfort with the push of a button!

Floor Hugger 3F - starting at $4,883.00

With this 3 Function Adjustable Bed, you can enjoy the added benefit of a Hi-Low bed that can be raised and lowered when necessary.

Floor Hugger 4F - starting at $5,613.00

Enjoy the relaxing benefits of the reverse Trendelenburg position when you purchase the versatile and affordable Floor Hugger 4 function adjustable bed, which is perfect for wheelchair transfers.
Companion 2F

Companion 2F - starting at $3,422.00

The New Companion Adjustable Bed is head and foot adjustable and will allow you to make easy transfers from your mobility scooter or wheelchair.

Companion HD - starting at $3,861.00

Enjoy the comfort and versatility of the Companion adjustable bed in a heavy duty option that offers a 600 pound weight capacity.

Companion SHD - starting at $4,334.40

The Companion SHD sits less than 12 inches from the ground, is head and foot adjustable, and features a 750 lb. weight capacity!
New Valiant 5F

New Valiant 5F - starting at $4,883.00

The New Valiant Adjustable Bed is one of the most versatile models available. It comes with five different functions that will allow you to enjoy personalized comfort for less.

Valiant HD 5F - starting at $5,431.00

With the New Valiant HD model you can enjoy five different functions and a 600 weight capacity!

Valiant SHD 5F - starting at $5,796.00

The Valiant SHD is a unique model that can be easily assembled and is capable of handling a 750 pound weight capacity!
Night Rider 3F

Night Rider 3F - starting at $4,518.00

This comfortable and affordable 3 Function Adjustable Bed sits less than 12 inches from the floor and can be raised, lowered, and adjusted with the simple push of a button.

Night Rider HD 3F - starting at $5,065.00

The Night Rider HD includes all the great benefits of a 3 function adjustable bed and a 600 pound weight capacity!

Night Rider SHD 3F - starting at $5,431.00

This heavy duty option offers the added benefit of a 750 pound weight capacity. Call to learn about other standard features!
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