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Whether shopping for a standard flat bed or an adjustable bed, you know that there are many companies that do their best to confuse you while doing little to give you the information you need to find the product that you want. Even reputable companies who sell adjustable beds fail when it comes to educating their customers. At GoldenRest we want to take the mystery out of buying an adjustable bed.

Why should adjustable beds be such a mystery? Our answer is that they shouldn't be. While a comfortable bed is key to living well, there is nothing hard to understand about our adjustable beds. In fact, no adjustable bed sold today should require you to conduct extensive research to just understand what you're getting. But some companies feel otherwise, so we've created this page to help shine a light on areas some adjustable bed companies would rather keep in the dark.

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Mystery #1 - "Our adjustable bed can't be compared to theirs."

When it comes to adjustable beds, every bed on the market other than the very cheapest models consists of an adjustable bed base paired with a mattress. And except for the the cheapest models, the bed base will have independent head and foot movement. When it comes to differences between brands, the largest variations are in the mattress type. Nearly every company uses a different type of mattress. Variations in the bed base are usually limited to the base having massage or not, the base being a standard model or a wall-hugging model, and the overall quality of the frame. To find out more about different terms used to market adjustable beds, look at our "Adjustable Bed Dictionary" section. With this information you can compare beds and decide which one is right for you.

Mystery #2 - "You need to call us to find the right size bed."

First of all, you shouldn't be required to call a company to find out about adjustable bed sizes. That's because they're sized just like standard beds. The only difference that you will see with adjustable beds is in the "Dual" or "Split" King size bed. This means the bed actually consists of two twin units placed side by side. This design offers many more benefits than a one-piece King-size bed, while maintaining the same overall size. Of course, if you want to be sure what size you are getting we highly recommend you compare beds by using numbers (53", 60", etc) and not names (Full, Queen, etc).

Mystery #3 - "You have to call us to find out how much our bed costs."

Have you seen websites that tell you to call for prices? Why wouldn't a company just tell you up front? The excuses those companies give are numerous, but none of them are good. Simply put, they want to get you on the phone and talk you into buying a bed without giving you any reference point or guide. In fact, some companies go as far as to require a salesman come to your home to make a sales pitch before they let you see their prices.

Mystery #4 - "Try our bed and you can make a return for free."

When it come to returns, some companies make it difficult to know exactly what you can return and exactly how much it costs. Companies that sell standard beds and adjustable beds often advertise free returns, but if you read the fine print you'll see that it applies only to standard bed frames. Adjustable bed bases are often not returnable at all. Other companies say they will refund the cost of the bed. This can mean their cost (what they paid, not what you paid) of the bed minus the freight charges, which will leave you with with only a fraction of your money returned. Finally, free returns and trials often only apply to the mattress itself. We stress that wherever you shop, you choose a company that clearly shows you what can be returned and how much it will cost.Make sure that policy is in writing (print it out even) - too many people are misled over the phone.

Mystery #5 - "Our warranty lasts a lifetime."

Warranties are often made a mystery, but they needn't be. Like standard beds, adjustable bed warranties are typically limited or pro-rated. In fact, if it doesn't say otherwise you should assume the warranty is pro-rated. What a pro-rated (or limited) warranty means is that after the first year of the warranty you have to pay more each year to make a repair. The cost to replace a motor in the first year may be nothing, at 10 years it may cost you 50%, and by the 20th year you may have to pay 95% of the cost. It's also important to get in writing whether the warranty covers labor and shipping costs.

Most likely the adjustable bed base and the mattress will have different warranties. This is especially true of mattresses with spring coils in them. A bed base should provide years and years of consistent performance, but it's more accurate to think about a spring coil mattress like a pair of tennis shoes. Like tennis shoes, a spring coil mattress will wear out over time no matter how well you take care of it. This is because the purpose of the a mattress is to absorb wear and tear so your body doesn't have to. And like tennis shoes, the springs in a spring coil mattress will wear out over time. Memory foam and latex mattresses are more likely to last a lifetime when used normally, due to their construction, and so lifetime warranties for these types of mattresses have become more common. Whichever type of mattress you get, make sure that your mattress warranty lasts at least long enough to cover any defects that might show up in the first few years.

Our GoldenRest Adjustable Bed Warranty page lists the warranties for each of our beds.

Mystery #6 - "Our adjustable bed helps with these medical conditions."

Perhaps the biggest mystery is the number of health conditions an adjustable bed is claimed to help. You see companies listing everything from asthma, chronic pain, and poor blood circulation to gastric acid reflux, arthritis, and fibromyalgia on their website. They sometimes even include a picture of a doctor. But you'll note that they never make the actual claim "this will help", instead they are careful to say "this may help". This is because any specific medical use of an adjustable bed should come at the recommendation of your own doctor. Even though our very own Acid Reflux Bed should help alleviate acid reflux symptoms (simply by placing your head above your stomach), we recommend that you talk to your doctor about using it.

In fact, at GoldenRest we believe every healthy person will get tremendous benefits from an adjustable bed so you won't see many medical claims on our website. If you do think an adjustable bed could help your condition, please speak to your doctor first.

What can you do to take the mystery out of buying an adjustable bed?

Ask yourself these questions: "What's important to me?" and "Will this bed meet my needs?" Those are the most important questions you can keep in mind when looking for any type of bed, let alone an adjustable bed. We hope the information we provide will help you stay in control and let you make an informed decision no matter where you shop. It's time to take the mystery out of buying an adjustable bed!


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