Mattress Toppers

What are mattress toppers?
Mattress toppers are memory foam mats ranging in thickness from 2" to 4" that are placed on top of your existing mattress. By using a mattress topper you can adjust the firmness of your bed and, due to the special properties of memory foam, dramatically increase the quality of your sleep.

Who needs mattress toppers?
We find that a mattress topper can be of a great help in the following situations:

  • If your bed is too hard to sleep comfortably on.
  • If you constantly toss and turn in the night.
  • If you wake up sore
  • If you have back pain or other joint pain that becomes worse after sleep

However, we do not recommend a mattress topper if:

  • Your bed is worn out and has dips or bumps in it.
  • Your bed is too soft. Unfortunately, a mattress topper can't make a soft bed firmer.

What is Memory Foam?
Memory foam, also known as "visco-elastic memory foam", is not like ordinary foam. Ordinary foam consists of thousands of sealed pockets of air. When you lay down on standard foam, the air in each pocket is trapped. What this means is that the air pockets with the most pressure on them (under your hips, back, shoulders, and head) press back on your body with the same amount of pressure. So the weight of your body would be concentrated on just a small portion of the available air pockets. This creates pressure points and is what can cause you to wake up sore.

That's how ordinary foam works, but what about Memory Foam? To create Memory Foam, NASA engineers wondered, "What would happen if you let the air slowly move between the air pockets?" This way, instead of the pressure building up in a portion of the pockets, the air can slowly move to the surrounding pockets. In this case you body weight is distributed. The weight of your hips would be supported by a thousands of pockets of air instead of just hundreds. This cradles your body and takes the pressure off sensitive areas such as your lower back and neck. When you wake up after a night on one of our memory foam toppers, you feel refreshed because your muscles spent the night relaxed.

Is there anything else special about Memory Foam?
Yes, unlike ordinary foam, Memory Foam is temperature sensitive. This means it gets softer as your body heat warms it up. This further enhances its cradling effect.

We believe that if you spend just a few minutes on one of our memory foam mattress toppers they will have you floating off to that restful night of sleep you've wanted for so long. Why not try one for your bed?


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