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Adjustable Bed Sheets - What You Need To Know

Ordering sheets for your adjustable bed isn't much harder to do than for a regular bed, but there are a few features you need to look for in adjustable bed sheets to get the best experience. First, let's start with a few basic terms that apply to all sheets for adjustable beds:

  • Top Sheet - This is the sheet that covers you when you sleep.
  • Fitted Sheet or Bottom Sheet -This is the sheet that goes over your mattress. Generally called a fitted sheet, because it's sized to the mattress and it contains elastic around the edges to help it fit snuggly on the mattress.
  • Thread Count - Tells you how fine the thread is. Higher thread counts use finer threads and are generally softer and more pliable than lower thread counts. However, the thread material can make a big difference. 300 thread count Bamboo cotton is much softer than 300 thread count plain cotton, for example.
  • Dual King - Also called "Split King", refers to two Twin adjustable beds placed side-by-side. This allows each person to individually adjust their side of the bed. Sheet sets for Dual King beds therefore have two fitted sheets, but one top sheet that both people share.
  • Dual California King - "California" generally refers to a bed 36" wide instead of the standard 39" and is usually 84" long. A Dual California King bed is made of two 36" x 84" twin beds placed side-by-side. GoldenRest sells Extra Long Dual King Beds but not Dual California King beds. We sell sheet sets for both, however, because we get so many requests.


Standard Sheets vs. Adjustable Bed Sheets

An adjustable bed presents unique challenges for sheets. When you adjust the head or the foot of the bed, you run into several problems:

  1. As the middle of the bed bends, standard fitted sheets "snap off" the bed.
  2. As the bed adjusts up and down repeatedly, standard fitted sheets "pop off" at the ends.
  3. As the foot of the bed moves up and down, standard top sheets often become un-tucked.

GoldenRest Adjustable Bed Sheets solve these problems in the following ways:

  1. Wings - Wings are extra fabric on the sides of the fitted bed sheet that will actually tighten up when the bed is adjusted. Find out more about Wings here.
  2. Anchor Straps - Anchor Straps are elastic straps on the four corners of the adjustable bed sheet that lock it down. Find out more about Anchor Straps here.
  3. Optional Fitted or Sewn Top Sheet - We offer the option to add elastic to the end of the top sheet, or sew it to the bottom sheet to keep it in place.


 Ordering Sheets

  • Length &  Width - We display the size of all our sheets for adjustable beds and carry sheets for all of our beds. If you are looking for adjustable bed sheets for a non-GoldenRest adjustable bed, remember beds are generally made with tolerances of +/- 1 inch, so don't worry about getting the exact measurement. If you have any questions about sizing your bed, please call us! Because descriptions like "twin", "long", etc. can mean so many things, our best advice is to always go by the numbers and not by the names.
  • Depth - We offer a wide variety of depths to account for the use of pads, toppers, and whatever else. When choosing a depth, it's always better to err on the side of too much depth, especially on adjustable beds. Again, please call us about our sheets for adjustable beds if you need help.


What's In A Sheet Set?

  • Twin Sheet Set - One fitted bed sheet, one top bed sheet, one Standard pillow case
  • Full Sheet Set - One fitted bed sheet, one top bed sheet, two Standard pillow cases
  • Queen Sheet Set - One fitted bed sheet, one top bed sheet, two Queen pillow cases
  • Dual King Sheet Set - Two fitted bed sheets, one top bed sheet, two King pillow cases


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