GoldenRest SafeBed

Should you need a convenient under-the bed: Tornado/storm shelter, Intruder safe space, Earthquake protection, Safe gun storage, or Valuables vault/storage, the GoldenRest SafeBed is the product you will want in your home.

GoldenRest SafeBed Features:
  • Available in Queen (60.5" Wide) and King (76.5" Wide) sizes
  • Entry/Access on long side 18"x30"
  • Stops all hand gun and shot gun rounds
  • Level IIIA protects up to .44 magnum handgun and shot gun rounds
  • EF5 Tornado tested and certified by Texas Tech University Wind Science and Engineering Research Center. (Bed must be securely bolted to a concrete slab for tornado safety.)
  • Ease of installation due to bolt-together design
  • Entire unit is coated with exterior grade powder coating
  • Level III protects up to 7.62 NATO (.308 caliber) full metal jacket rounds
  • Provide your loved ones with a safe place to go no matter what the cause

Freight charges will be quoted at time of order. Approximate weight of beds: Queen - 1200 lbs, King - 1400 lbs.

Upgrade Options:

(The following list contains the options that you will be shown when you add this item to your cart.)
  • Size
    No ImageQueen Bed Size - 60.5"w, 80.5"l x 22.25"h
    No ImageKing Bed Size - 76.5"w, 80.5"l x 22.25"h
  • Options
    No ImageAdd Window to the Door (Tornado and Bulled Proof)
    No ImageCustom Color (RAL) for Queen
    No ImageCustom Color (RAL) for King
    No ImageRAL Color Code (for Custom Color Option)
  • Freight Charge
    No ImageCall our sale staff to get a quote on the freight charge for your SafeBed.

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