Adjustable Bed Terms Explained

Every day adjustable bed companies add new names and ways to describe features of their beds. In this section you’ll learn more about the common terms and phrases being used to market adjustable beds today.

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"Battery Backup"

Battery backup gives your bed enough power to lower the bed into the flat position should your home lose power. However, battery backup doesn’t provide enough power to move the bed back up or power the massage. Battery backup is an option on some GoldenRest adjustable bed models.

"Independent Head & Foot Movement"

Independent head and foot movement means that you can control the head of the bed separately from the foot of the bed. If you just want to raise your head and upper body, you can do it without having to move your legs. If you just want to raise your legs, you can do it without having to move your head. Independent movement is found on all but the cheapest adjustable beds.

"Position Memory"

Position memory allows you to save the current position of your bed into the controllers memory. Whenever you want to go back to this position, press a button on the controller and the bed will automatically adjust to it. Most wireless controllers, including GoldenRest wireless controllers, have position memory.

"Wall Hugger"

Adjustable beds with a wall hugger feature move horizontally towards the headboard as you raise the head of the bed. Typically wall hugger beds move 8” - 10” horizontally. This keeps you in closer reach to your nightstand. GoldenRest beds don't come with a wall hugger feature at this time because most of our customers don’t require it.

"Whisper Quiet Motors"

Beds that use DC motors are almost always quiet unless you purchase an adjustable bed that is truly low quality. AC motors, which are used on beds with higher weight capacities, do create more noise than DC motors, but most of this noise is mitigated by using enclosed motor housings. GoldenRest adjustable beds use enclosed AC motors.

"Wireless Remote"

This means the controller for your bed is completely wireless, allowing you to keep it wherever you like. Wireless remotes typically operate by radio frequency so you aren't required to point them at any point in particular. Wireless remotes are standard on GoldenRest Premium and Elite adjustable beds.

"Zero Gravity"

The zero gravity position replicates the position astronauts use during launches. This position, which looks like a person who fell backwards in their chair, distributes stress evenly across the body. This is of course very important for astronauts during rocket launches! GoldenRest adjustable beds, like all adjustable beds with independent head and foot movement, can go into this position. And any controller with position memory can store the “zero gravity” position for recall at the touch of a button. You won’t feel weightless in this position as many claim, but it is does reduce pressure points.
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